Scholastic Book Champion Terms & Conditions

By clicking you agree to the terms and conditions of becoming a Book Champion, you agree to the following: I agree to act as a Scholastic Book Champion for Scholastic Book Parties on the terms stated below. Please keep a copy of these terms and conditions for your own reference.

1. ‘Company’ means Scholastic Ltd (CRN: 00701339). Book Champion means you.

2. You agree to sell, advise and promote regularly the Company’s products (books, games, resources and other publications) to the best of your ability within the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and BFPOs.

3. You will comply with all reasonable directions given to you by the Company in relation to the conduct of your business as a Scholastic Book Champion and act in the Company’s best interests at all times. In particular you will comply with the following obligations: a. You will conduct your business as a Scholastic Book Champion in an ethical and honest manner, and do nothing which may harm or damage the reputation of that business of the Company, or bring the Company into disrepute. b. You can not assign or transfer or share in whole or in part your business as a Scholastic Book Champion or any right or obligation under this Agreement (which is personal to you) with any other person, firm or company. You will conduct, control and be personally responsible for your business as a Scholastic Book Champion. c. You will not sell the company’s products through or to any retail outlet, including online outlets, nor a temporary or permanent bookshop, whether hosted by yourself or a third party. The only exception is your official templated Scholastic Book Party online shop, d. You are compliant with all Scholastic copyright requirements in all areas of your business. e. You agree to adhere to all current laws and regulations including but not limited to GDPR, Modern Slavery and Anti-Bribery legislation. f. You will not make claims for the Company’s products or business which are not set out in (or are inconsistent with) the Company’s literature or directions. g. You will adhere to the rules and policies for advertising the Company’s products and business and all laws relating to your business as a Scholastic Book Champion and to the promotion and sale of products supplied by the Company. h. You will comply with all instruction given by the Company and all the provisions contained in the Organiser Handbook as amended by the Company in writing from time to time, as if they were incorporated in this Agreement. i. You agree not to pledge the credit of the Company for any reason and not to commit the Company to any obligation or liability.

4. Your financial obligations during the first twelve weeks after the signing of this agreement are to pay the Starter Kit fee for the kit you have chosen to purchase [in accordance with clause 11], the annual web hosting and admin fee of £25 (unless qualifying targets are met) and to pay for such products as you choose to purchase from the Company. Beyond this, you have no further financial obligation.

5. You may introduce others as prospective Scholastic Book Champions in accordance with the procedures set out in the Organiser Handbook.

6. You will be a self-employed independent contractor and not an employee, representative or agent of the Company.

7. In promoting and selling the Company’s products to third parties you will act as a principal, selling them solely on your own account. You will not enter into any contract as an agent for the Company without the Company’s express prior written consent.

8. You will be solely and personally responsible for all levies and taxes on income you earn as a Scholastic Book Champion, including Value Added Tax (where applicable) and National insurance contributions and you hereby indemnify the Company in that respect.

9. Your business as a Scholastic Book Champion will in every respect be independent of the Company’s business and of any other business and you will conduct it as such.

10. You may not promote any other business or product using the brand, goodwill, product or any marketing material or service or incentive provided by Scholastic, whether free or otherwise.

11. For the Starter Kit fee, the company will provide you with your own online shop and Welcome Pack. Payment must be submitted with your agreement and can be paid by debit or credit card, online. In the unlikely event of you not subsequently submitting orders worth a minimum value of £100 in total within 12 weeks of receiving your agreement and payment, we will invoice you for your annual £25 web hosting fee outstanding to the Company. However, if you do submit orders of £100 or more, your annual £25 web hosting and admin fee will be waived to you in the year following.

12. The Company agrees to allow you, as an Organiser, to deduct and keep the profit from the sales value of all your physical stock orders. The Company will only pay commission, in accordance with the current published commission rate specified in the Organiser Handbook, on all digital orders through your online shop.

13. The Company agrees to make available supporting materials to promote and support your business online and to enable you to provide a quality service to customers.

14. This agreement may be terminated immediately by either party, if either party commits a material breach of its obligations to the other or if you do anything which in the opinion of the Company is prejudicial to the Company’s interests. Either party may otherwise terminate this agreement, for any reason, by giving to the other not less than 14 days written notice.

15. If you give written notice to the Company within 14 days of signing this Agreement your payment will be refunded and you must return the Starter Kit in a complete and resalable condition to the company within 7 working days. Notice given after 14 days of signing this Agreement with no sales will result in the Company invoicing you for the full RRP of your Starter Kit as per the terms and conditions of your Book Parties Agreement. Notice given after 14 days of signing this Agreement having submitted sales over £100, you are entitled to keep your Starter Kit. You may not rejoin the Company within four months of terminating your agreement, nor can anyone at your address nor a member of your immediate family, unless with the full and prior agreement of the company.

16. Notice of this termination shall be given to the other party at the latter’s latest address, either that given when completing the sign up process online or such other address subsequently notified in writing to the terminating party.

17. This Agreement shall become binding on both parties on the day that the Scholastic Book Champion confirms acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by ticking the Terms and Conditions box that they agree to the Terms and Conditions and pays their Starter Kit joining fee online. When the Company receives the payment, it will send you an email confirming your acceptance as a Book Champion.

18. This Agreement shall be subject to English laws and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

19. The Company reserves the right, for any reason, to terminate this agreement immediately by giving you written notice within 14 days of the date of this agreement. In that case your Starter Kit payment will be refunded.

20. This agreement and the rules, policies and procedures set out in the Organiser Handbook comprise the entire agreement between the parties.

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