Ways to Earn

Grow your business in a way that suits you

There are five ways you can run a Scholastic Book Party. You can grow your business in the way that you want, and the time you have available.

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The commission rate is always 20% and you can earn 10% in free books for any host, school or nursery you partner with.

Your unique web shop

Online selling only by sharing your unique web shop. You’ll earn 20% commission on all orders. This is the simplest option and where most book champions start.

A Facebook Party

Online via a Facebook Party shared on someone else’s social media accounts, the host creates an event to share with their network of friends. You earn 20% commission on all orders and your host earns 10% in free books.

In-person Party

Physically selling at a party at someone’s house. Attendees can purchase directly online via a unique web link, or you can collate orders on an order form to place at a later date. You can also sell your stock directly and take any extra earned on the sale price. Books will be delivered to you or to the host to distribute. You earn 20% commission on all orders and your host earns 10% in free books.

Online with schools and nurseries

Working with a school or nursery to share a unique web link with their parents, any orders placed earn you 20% commission and your school or nursery earns 10% in free books. Books are delivered to you to distribute on behalf of the school.

In-person with schools and nurseries

Selling at a school or nursery fete by negotiating a pitch fee or cut of the sales with the school directly. Stock can be purchased via your web shop earning you 20% commission and then any further income on the price you set for the stock.

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